How to discover which shows and movies are on each service StreamLocator supports

There are some great tools online to help you find where your favorite shows and movies and available to stream:


Unogs is a search engine designed for Netflix content. It allows us to search for movies and shows and see in which country they are available in.

Here's a quick guide for searching on

Step 1:

Follow this link for content available in our supported Netflix countries.

Step 2:

In the search box, enter the name of the show/movie and click Search uNoGS. (We'll be using the movie "The Silent War" as it's available in select countries only)

Step 3:

Locate your show/movie from the search results and check the flags to see where it is available. For more info, click on the title.

Step 4:

On the following page, you'll be able to find more information on the title:

  1. General information from different sources like IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Trailers
  2. Actors and Directors information.
  3. Title availability by country, Audio and Subtitle availability in each country.

You can now use StreamLocator to switch Netflix country to watch the title of your choice. Here's how.


JustWatch allows us to quickly search for content on other streaming services.

To search for a specific title directly:

Step 1:

Follow these links for US services and UK services

Step 2:

Type the title name into the search bar at the top of the page and click on the title. (We'll be using "The Office" as an example)

Step 3:

Scroll down and look for the WATCH NOW section, under STREAM you'll see which services the title is available on and how many seasons are available on said service.

If you'd like to find new shows or movies you can follow these links:

Now you can use StreamLocator to watch the show or movie of your choice! 

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