How to change your Q, R, RU and N series Samsung Smart TV country to download foreign apps

Q(QLED), R, RU, MU M and N series

Step 1:

Press the Settings button on your remote or access the Settings from the Home screen.

Step 2:

Select General -> Setup. (Depending on your TV model, you might have to choose Reset instead) Your TV will now automatically restart.

Step 3:

Make sure not to use the SmartThings app during the setup process.

Enter the PIN code. It is usually ‘0000’ unless you’ve manually changed it before.

Step 4:

Choose your preferred language. (This has no effect on the list of apps you can download later)

Step 5:

Set country to Other.

Step 6:

Continue the setup as you’d usually do and stop at the Terms and Conditions page.

Step 7:

On the Terms and Conditions page , enter the following sequence on your remote:

  • Traditional Remote: Mute > Volume up > Channel up > Mute
  • Samsung One Remote: VOL -> VOL Up -> Channel Up -> VOL

Step 8:

Choose UK or US from the list of countries or choose Full Apps to get access to all compatible streaming channels and applications.

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