What if some shows and movies on All 4 or ITV are not working or downloading

The All 4 and ITV apps and websites use an extra clever trick to determine your location when trying to watch some shows or movies on their service or some of the live TV content. This can also affect the offline download option on some content.

They check the time zone on the device your watching to make sure it corresponds to a UK time zone. This can be easily bypassed by manually changing your device's time zone.

Here are a few examples on how to do this on various devices:

Windows computer:

  • Click the Start button (Windows button)Settings > Time & language Date & time
  • Uncheck "Set time zone automatically" and select London time zone (UTC +00:00) below.


  • Click the Mac Menu button -> System Preferences -> Date & Time -> Time Zone tab -> Uncheck Set time zone automatically -> Select the UK area on the map -> Select London under the Closest City drop-down at the bottom.

Fire TV:

  • Press the Home button on your remote, then navigate to Settings -> Preferences -> Time Zone -> Time Zone -> Europe -> British Summer Time OR Greenwich Mean Time (London)


  • Press the Home button on your remote, then scroll up or down to select Settings -> System -> Time -> Time zone -> Set manually -> Select London Time 

Android TV:

  • From the Home screen select Settings -> Device Preferences -> Date & Time -> Set time zone -> Select London or British Summer Time (GMT +01:00) OR Greenwich Mean Time

This process it the same or very similar on most devices available in the market today, including phones, tablets, game consoles, smart TV's or any other streaming device out there.

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