What if streaming isn't working or an error shows up with StreamLocator on Android

Follow our quick guide below to find quick troubleshooting tips to help get you streaming using the StreamLocator app on Android. 

Please follow these steps to ensure your Android device is ready to stream:01

Note that while visuals, text or exact steps may differ between Android devices, most of these methods are the same on all devices.

Make sure the StreamLocator app is running and the VPN service is active:

  • Launch the StreamLocator Android app
  • Pull down the Status/Notification bar from the top of the screen - you should be able to find a notification that says StreamLocator VPN is running.
  • If you do not see this, you may not have given the required permissions to StreamLocator when originally opening the app for the first time.
  • Please restart your Android device and re-launch the StreamLocator app - a pop-up should appear asking for VPN permissions, please tap Allow and check for the VPN connection notification once more.

Terminating the streaming app or clearing its cache

Android apps tend to cache a lot of content from different instances of apps being open. If you've ever launched a particular streaming while not using StreamLocator or recently switched countries for a particular service, you may need to terminate the service's app and clear its cache:

  • Find the app for the service you're trying to watch on your device, for example Netflix or BBC iPlayer.
  • Tap and hold its icon until a small menu appears
  • Select App or App Info or simply Info
  • Tap Force Stop or Terminate
  • Select Storage or Storage & Cache
  • Tap on Clear Cache or simply Cache
  • Launch the StreamLocator app and launch the streaming service once more.

If none of the above worked out, please contact our support team at support@streamlocator.com

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