What to do if Netflix page does not update after changing Netflix country (Fire TV)

On some devices, the Netflix app's home page does not update correctly after switching Netflix countries in the router portal. This is caused by Netflix caching thumbnails and other data directly to your device. 

One solution, would be to simply switch between profiles within the Netflix app itself for it to refresh. 

  • In the Netflix app, select More or Profiles (depending on device) and switch to a different profile.
  • Now switch back to your preferred profile and the images and visible content should also update to reflect the selected Netflix country.

If the above did not work, you can easily clear this cached data manually by following these quick steps: 

  • From the Home screen, select Settings at the top
  • Select Applications
  • Select Manage Installed Applications
  • Scroll down and select Netflix
  • Select Force Stop and Clear Cache, exit the settings and relaunch the Netflix app
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