EU Netflix countries not working when I'm in the EU (portability regulation)

Recently, Netflix started enforcing the European Union's "portability regulation" more strictly - in short, the regulations makes it so that EU citizens are able to watch their own country's Netflix catalog for a certain period of time when visiting another EU country for any reason.

What does this mean for me if I use StreamLocator? 

While not every account is affected by this immediately, If you're account was created while in the EU and using a European payment method, StreamLocator's relocation may not work for the following countries - UK, Germany and France.

StreamLocator will still work for you with -  US, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico or any other non-EU country.


I'm in the Germany and want to watch content from Netflix France - I may keep seeing my own German Netflix content even though everything is setup correctly as Netflix now determines my location using my Germany payment method and not my Geo-location or IP.

I can still switch my relocation setting to a non-EU country like the US, Canada, BrazilSouth Korea, Mexico and others to watch their content library without issue.

Can I get around this?

Currently, the only way around this is creating a new Netflix account using a different location outside the EU with a matching payment method.

To learn more about this regulation:

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