Is StreamLocator a VPN?

In short - No, StreamLocator is not a VPN. This includes the StreamLocator Hub (router) and the StreamLocator Fire TV and Android apps.

StreamLocator uses a combination of of Smart DNS, transparent DNS proxy and domain/IP based smart routing, which in turn makes StreamLocator more similar to a DNS based service.

What's the difference between a VPN and a DNS service?

A VPN service connects you to a proxy server in a different country and passes on all of your data through that server to the receiving end. This is a good idea in terms of privacy. On the other hand, this by far the worst solution for streaming content as it usually slows down your connection and causes buffering while trying to watch your favorite show or movie. VPNs are also not available on Roku device or game consoles like Xbox or PlayStation consoles.

A DNS service on the other hand connects you to a proxy server as well, but only passes on the data the receiving server (for example, the Hulu or HBO servers) requires to actually stream the content, all other data sent is not affected. 

This makes DNS services much faster and more reliable in terms of content streaming than VPN's and they will always be the first choice in terms of streaming geo-blocked content as they are much harder to detect. 

Why is the StreamLocator Hub special?

The StreamLocator Hub takes the best of both words with the ease of use of VPN's and the speed and reliability benefits of DNS services and combines them into one package that does not require any additional software or complex setup to start watching all of the content you've been missing out on.

The StreamLocator Hub is a plug and play solution that connects to your existing ISP router and creates a special new Wi-Fi network. You can then connect any device like your Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, phone, game consoles and the likes to that new network and launch the streaming service you want to watch. It's that simple!

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