Is StreamLocator legal?

The short answer? Yes, of course - StreamLocator is completely legal in 99% percent of the world. 

The legality of using VPN or DNS based services

There’s a lot of confusion about VPN and DNS services, and whether accessing geo-blocked TV is legal or not. 

There are countries whose governments have banned VPNs or DNS services. China and Iran—to name only a few—have strict regulations on how their residents access information and utilize free speech. If you’re going to access shows and streaming services from any of the countries where the laws are different to your own, you should really consider carrying out a little research.

We found a great A–Z list of countries that allow VPN use and those who don’t. If you’d like confirmation of the legality of VPN's and Smart DNS services in a specific country - check out this article from the Comparitech website.

While some countries like the United Arab Emirates and Russia define VPN's and DNS services as "illegal" - they rarely act upon these laws against individual home users as more and more people use these kinds of services every day.

The legality of accessing region restricted content

More confusion usually comes from users thinking they are breaking the law by watching geo-restricted content outside of the copy right holders scope. 

You as a user are not breaking any laws and you should not fear any consequence. The only ones who can be acted upon in this case are the content providers themselves (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) for not enforcing the copy right holders (NBC, CBS, etc.) rights and allowing users to watch this blocked content outside of its original country.

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