How to pay for DAZN with your Google or Apple account

Many services like DAZN also accept payment with Google Pay or Apple Pay, no matter where the account is. 

This means we don't have to mess around with US payment methods or gift cards, simple follow our steps below to learn how.

Step 1:

On your mobile phone or tablet, download the DAZN app directly from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

Step 2:

Set your desired DAZN country by visiting and selecting to US or Canada from the DAZN drop-down. Canada being cheaper with a monthly subscription and US being cheaper with a yearly subscription. Take your pick.

Step 3:

Connect your Phone or Tablet to the StreamLocator Wi-Fi network - You can follow our guide here according to the type of phone or tablet you own.

Step 4:

Launch the DAZN app and start the registration process. At the point of payment, you'll be prompted to pay with either your Google or Apple account - simply follow the instructions on screen and continue with the payment process.

You can now use this account new DAZN account on every other device you own as long as it's connected to the StreamLocator network.

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