Connecting the StreamLocator Hub to your mesh network or mesh router

Rather than connecting the StreamLocator Hub to your mesh units, you can put StreamLocator in between your ISP Router and your Main Mesh unit. The Hub has a wired Gigabit connection so speed won't be affected.

Here is a sample of what this might look like:

  1. Connect the supplied Ethernet cord from the LAN port of your ISP router to the WAN port on the StreamLocator Hub
  2. Connect a separate Ethernet cord from a LAN port on your StreamLocator Hub into a WAN port on your main mesh unit.
  3. Any streaming device connected to your main wireless network or the StreamLocator network will work with StreamLocator's location switching technology. Any website or app that isn't one of our supported streaming services will not be affected and will work exactly the same as it did before.

Below are the steps done in a diagram:

ISP Modem/Router (LAN) -> StreamLocator Hub (WAN) | StreamLocator Hub (LAN) -> Main mesh unit (WAN)

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