How to watch NHL on Sportsnet without hockey blackouts

Sportsnet and the NHL in general try to make it as confusing as possible to figure out their hockey blackout system. We are here to help you understand it and get around it more easily.

With StreamLocator, all you need is to select the desired Sportsnet region to watch (the one your game is being played on) and select it. Follow our instructions below to learn how:

Step 1:

First, we'll need to find on which Sportsnet channel our game is being broadcast on. We can do this by launching the Sportsnet app and checking out the logo under each game in the schedule tab.

Notice how each game is being played in a different Sportsnet regions like Sportsnet, Sportsnet East, Sportsnet West, Sportsnet Pacific and Sportsnet Ontario. Take a note on where your game is being played for the next step.

See the image below for examples on how that looks like:

Step 2:

Once we find the game we are looking for we will need to choose the correct Sportsnet region in our StreamLocator settings.

To do so, simply visit and select the corresponding Sportsnet region from the Sportsnet drop-down selector.

For example: The game we want to watch is being played on Sportsnet Pacific. We will need to select SN Pacific / Vancouver in the drop-down to be able to watch that game without blackouts.

  • For SN East - select SN East / Ottawa
  • For SN West - Select SN West / Calgary and Edmonton
  • For SN Ontario  - Select SN Ontario / Toronto
  • For SN Pacific - Select SN Pacific / Vancouver

Step 3:

After selecting the correct Sportsnet region, make sure the device you are watching on (your Smart TV, Apple TV, Fire Stick, Roku, etc.) is connected to the StreamLocator Wi-Fi network.

Step 4:

Launch the Sportsnet app on your device, select the game you are looking to watch and enjoy your hockey! Now without blackouts!

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