How to use the StreamLocator browser extension

In the guide below, we will be covering how to download, install and use the StreamLocator browser extension.

Download and Installation:

On your Chrome browser, visit the extension page using this link and click "Add to Chrome" and select "Add Extension" in the pop-up screen that follows.

After installing the app it may not show up directly on your browser's toolbar if you have many other extensions installed. If the StreamLocator logo doesn't show up on your toolbar after installing, follow the steps below to learn how to pin it:

  • On your browser's toolbar, look for the "Manage Extension" menu - in Chrome, this can be either found in the settings or by clicking the puzzle piece icon in the toolbar - 
  • Find the StreamLocator extension in the list and click the pin icon next to it
  • The StreamLocator extension should now show up with the StreamLocator Logo - 

Streaming Examples:

Example 1 - Disney+

  • Visit and login to your account
  • Open the StreamLocator extension in your browser's toolbar by selecting its icon - 
  • Select the desired country from the Disney+ drop-down and wait for the page to automatically refresh. If it does not refresh automatically, please refresh manually. 
  • Disney+ has now been relocated to the chosen country!

Example 2 - BBC iPlayer

Since BBC iPlayer is only available in a single country (the UK), you will not need to select a country or change any settings. The extensions will automatically pick up on it and relocate accordingly. 

To start streaming iPlayer simply visit, register or login to your free BBC account and start watching!

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