How to Switch Amazon Accounts on Fire TV

When you first setup your Amazon Fire TV, you are required to register an account. Fortunately, if you need to switch your account for any reason, Amazon has made it very easy to do so. Follow these quick steps to switch to a different Amazon account. 

Step 1:

Navigate to the "Settings" section.

Step 2:

Navigate to the right until you've reached the "My Account" setting and press select.

Step 3:

Press select on the "Amazon Account" option.

Step 4:

Press select on "Der2egister". 

Step 5:

Navigate to the "Deregister" button and press select. 

Step 6:

Please wait while your device is deregistered. 

Step 7:

Press select on "Register". 

Step 8:

Enter your desired Amazon login and select "Next". 

Step 9:

Enter your desired Amazon login and select "Sign In". 

Step 10:

Select "Yes, continue as ....".

Step 11:

Your device will now be registered to your chosen Amazon account.