How to install apps that are not available in your country on Android, Android TV or Fire TV devices - Filesynced

Some apps may not be available to some users due to Google restricting the available apps on the Google Play Store according to the country the account is registered in. 

Let's say you're in the UK but you want to be able to download and install the Hulu or HBO Max app which are only available in the US. You have 2 options in this case:

  1. Get yourself an American Google Play account and login to to the Google Play Store with it to see all of the US apps
  2. Side-load the apps to your Android device outside of the Google Play Store.

In this guide, we'll be covering the second method and how we make it easier for you to get all of the apps you're interested in. 

Android TV devices (Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box and all of the various TV Android Boxes) and Fire Tv devices 

Step 1

Visit the app store on your device and search for the Downloader app. Download and install it.,  On Fire TV devices specifically - please follow our guide on enabling unknown sources before continuing. You may also need to search for the Downloader app using the search or voice search functions from the Home screen.

Step 2 

Launch the Downloader app and allow access to files if asked. On the home page of the Downloader app, select the search box, enter 80434  and select the Go button.

Step 3:

You may see a message that unknown source are not enabled, click “Settings” if prompted and it will take you directly to Settings. Click “Allow” for all unknown sources or specifically for Applinked and then click on Install like so

Step 4:

You will now be redirected to the Filesynced website were you can download the application, scroll down the page and you click on Download V 2.0

Step 5

Launch the Filesynced app and enter the following code in the 'Filesynced code' box -98765622- and select Enter code

Step 6

Now you will see all the applications that are available to download,  click on the Green arrow of the application you want and the app will be added to downloads, select as many as you like, all will be added to your download list,

Step 7

Press back on your remote and now select the 'Downloads' tab on the previous page and all the apps you selected will be here and ready for downloading

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