How to sign up for NBA League Pass India

You can use StreamLocator to sign up for NBA League Pass India to get every NBA game without blackouts for only $13.27 for the entire season. With this technique you will avoid NBA League pass blackouts. See detailed instructions below:

Step 1

Connect your computer to your StreamLocator network, and login to and set the switch to India on the NBA League Pass switcher.

Step 2

Open an incognito window on your browser and go to on your computer while connected to StreamLocator.  Scroll down and select “buy” for the League Pass Annual option.  You will know you’re in the right place because the pricing is in Indian Rupees. At the time of this writing, 1499Rupees is equivalent to only $20.18 USD

  Step 3

  You will be prompted to create an account. Go ahead and do that and select India as the country.

Step 4

Fill in your credit card details and select submit

Step 5

Download the NBA League Pass app on any of your streaming devices. Login with your new account and make sure your streaming device is connected to the StreamLocator network with NBA League Pass switched to India.

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