How to set up a Pin number for DAZN Germany

Some of the content that is available through German DAZN is age restricted and therefore when you try to view it you will be prompted to verify your age.

Step 1

To provide age verification in Europe visit on any web browser and click on the menu button in the top right

Step 2

From the drop down, select settings

Step 3

Now select Youth protection, and in the drop-down box choose the option for Italian Fiscal Code

Step 4

Now to get our Fiscal Code we need to head to this site on any web browser. You will see the page shown below.

Step 5

Fill in the details, any name is fine, select a birthdate that reflects that you are older than 18. Use Rome as the Place of Birth.

Step 6

Next, click on the Generate button on the bottom, this will generate you a code on the next page, CODICE FISCALE, 

Step 7

Use this code, without any spaces to enter on the DAZN site and you will now be prompted to create the pin, 

Step 8

Now use your new pin anytime DAZN prompts you for it and enjoy!

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