How to sign up to NowE

NowE is a streaming service from Hong Kong, that shows all EPL games, with a wide selection available in 4k, they have many packages available to choose from, but our recommendation is to go for the 'Premier League and LaLiga 2022/23 4k Season Pass', this is priced at HK$2,280, which is €284 or £237GBP annually, 

*Please note, for 4K content, we do highly recommend a Wired connection*

So, how do I sign up for this service? 

Step 1:

On a web browser that is connected to your StreamLocator network, head over to and click on Get Started

Step 2:

Pick a pack, there are many to choose from, so just select whatever you like, as mentioned, we went with the 4k Premier League and LaLiga pack, just click on Select beside your package of choice,

Step 3:

On the next page, enter the email address you wish to use to register the account and click on Continue

Step 4:

On the next page, enter and confirm your password of choice, and click on Create New Account

Step 5:

You will now need to choose a Nickname, and add an HK phone number, this can be any HK number, and if you want, you can generate one using this generator, or just use the one in the picture below, and then click Continue

Step 6: 

The account is now created, and you will be asked to confirm it via the email that is sent to you,

Step 7:

Now just log in to your account at, and highlight the letter of your name in the top right and then select My Account Settings

Step 8:

Opposite my account, click on Manage

Step 9:

On the next page, scroll down and opposite Payment methods and Billing, click Manage

Step 10:

Select Add Card, and add your bank card or Credit card details, and you are done 


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