The technology behind StreamLocator

The StreamLocator router is running unmodified OpenWRT with an addition of our own software allowing us to route traffic in the most efficient way.

StreamLocator uses a combination of Smart DNS, transparent DNS proxy and domain/IP based smart routing. 

This mix of technologies allows us to offer a solution combining the speed of DNS based approach with the sophistication of smart routing which is very hard to block.

In the default setup, StreamLocator creates a separate WiFi network (called StreamLocator, but you can change it in the WiFi settings). All devices connected to this network will have streaming virtual relocation available.

You can continue to use your other WiFi network for all non streaming devices or switch all of your devices to the StreamLocator network if you like. 

As opposed to VPN based solutions, StreamLocator only affects supported streaming related services, all other websites and services will not be affected. 

All updates and new features are deployed automatically and there is nothing to manage other than switching countries for multi region services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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