How to download StreamLocator VPN on Amazon Fire TV

The following steps will show you the fastest and easiest way to download and start using StreamLocator VPN for Amazon Fire TV.

In this example we'll be accessing Netflix in the US:

Step 1:

Select the magnifying glass/search icon on the top bar on Amazon Fire TVStep 2:

Type in StreamLocator and select it

Step 3:

Select the StreamLocator VPN

Step 4:

Download StreamLocator VPN

Step 5:

Open StreamLocator VPN

Step 6:

Turn streaming ON by clicking the button

Step 7:

Click OK in the VPN permissions pop-up

Step 8:

Once streaming is On, we'll need to download Netflix if we don't have it installed already. If Netflix is already installed, skip this step.

Simply scroll down to the "Install To Watch" section and scroll to the right until you find Netflix - click the Netflix logo to download and install it. Make sure not to open the Netflix app after installing it - click the Home button on your remote, launch the StreamLocator app and continue below.

Step 9:

Once Netflix is installed and we're back in the StreamLocator app we see that Netflix is now in the "Watch Now" section and is set to your local country.

Next, Click the Netflix logo.

Step 10:

Click on "United States"

Step 11:

The Netflix app will now launch. Login to your Netflix account as you usually would. Congratulations! You are now looking at US Netflix!

You can verify your set to the US or any other country by following our quick guide.

Note: Changing countries is only required on multi-country services like Netflix. Any other supported streaming services (like BBC iPlayer, Pluto TV, ITV, etc.) will automatically be set to the correct country while streaming is set to ON in the StreamLocator app.

You can launch any of our supported streaming services the same way and enjoy unblocked streaming services from around the world!

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