Manual Device Setup for Your Mac

This article sets up your Mac to use the Wi-Fi network of your home router, while streaming traffic is routed to the StreamLocator router so that the streaming relocation service is in effect.

Note that this set-up process is an advanced configuration of your local connection, so  some technical experience will be required. 

Step 1:

On your main router admin console, create an IP reservation for your Mac - this is usually in the LAN settings or DHCP setting. **Important - when creating the IP reservation, write down the internal IP address of the Mac.

Step 2:

Visit from any device, click your email at the top right and select Advanced Settings. Look for the Advanced Connection Options tab on the bottom and take note of the addresses for later.

Step 3:

From the  Network page click the Advanced button at the bottom.

Configure the  TCP/IP settings as shown below:

**Under IPv4 address enter the address we found when making the IP reservation in  Step 1.

Step 4:

Navigate to the  DNS tab and add the StreamLocator Router DNS Server .

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