How to change your Roku country to download foreign apps and channels

Roku devices only show you apps and channels that match your account country. To download streaming apps only available in other countries, like Sling TV, Hulu, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer and more we'll need to create a new Roku account in the country of choice. 

Creating a Roku account will require a PayPal account and is completely free, no payment will be made on that account. The current country associated with the account does not affect this so any PayPal account will work. Simply follow our guide below.

Note that apps and channels will only be available in their original country. For example, BBC iPlayer will not be available to use while signed into your US Roku account (even if already downloaded). You will need to login to your UK Roku account to see and launch UK apps. This includes the Roku Channel - to view US/UK content on the Roku channel, you'll have to be logged onto the respective account created with the method below for each country.

Step 1:

Make sure streaming relocation is set to the desired country for Roku on the StreamLocator router panel or check out our quick guide on changing countries.

Step 2:

Connect your Phone or Computer to the StreamLocator network. Open your browser and visit

Step 3:

Fill in the required info on the page and click Continue at the bottom.

Step 4:

Decide if you want to use a PIN for your account and click Continue.

Step 5:

On the payment options page choose PayPal and select Continue to PayPal. 

The country associated with your PayPal account does not affect the Roku account so no need to worry there.

Step 6:

To verify your account is registered in the country you chose simply follow these instructions:

  • On the Roku website (after logging in to your new Roku account) - select the portrait icon (or the hamburger menu/menu icon if on mobile) on the top right side of the screen.
  • Select "Channel Store" (select "Hi, Name" first and then "Channel Store" if on mobile)
    • To verify it is a US account, simply look for US exclusive channels like HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock and etc.
    • To verify it is a UK account, look for UK exclusive channels like BBC iPlayer, My5, All4 and etc.
  • If any of the country-specific apps we mentioned above can be found while searching, that means the account is correctly assigned the correct country and those apps will be available on you Roku device after linking the new account to it.

Step 7:

After linking your PayPal account, your new Roku account is now active. After verifying it's been created correctly it's time to link your Roku device to this new account.

Simply reset your Roku streaming device to factory settings which can be done by following this path from the Roku Home screen:

Settings -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Factory Reset

When prompted to login, use the newly created Roku account to login. You can now access the Roku store to download any streaming apps or channels in the chosen country and access its version of the Roku Channel.

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