What if my StreamLocator is not found during setup

During setup, our server will need to identify your router to complete the setup process. We'll be going over basic troubleshooting solutions in case your router is not found during the "Looking for your StreamLocator router" step of setup. Try each of the following:

  • Make sure the device your going through setup with (your computer, phone, tablet, etc.) is connected to your Home Wi-Fi network and not using mobile data or is connected to a different network.
  • Turn off any active VPN connections on the device you're setting up on.
    • Some VPN's have a "LAN invisibility" (or similar) toggle switch that can prevent devices from communicating even while the VPN is turned off. Please make sure to turn off any such functionality on your VPN or VPN router.
  • Go over the cable connection once more, you should only have 1 cord coming from your Main router's LAN port to the StreamLocator router's white WAN port. Check out the photo below to verify:

  • Check the cord is not loose on either end, on the ISP router's end and the StreamLocator's end.
  • Connect your computer to the cord instead of the StreamLocator router - If your computer is not receiving internet and you're not able to browse the web then try switching out the cord for a different one and go through setup once more.
  • Connect the StreamLocator router to a different port on your main home router and try going through setup once more.
  • Restart your original home router by unplugging it from power and plugging back in - after it's back online try going through setup once more.

If none of the above worked you - please contact our support team at support@streamlocator.com.

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