What if Peacock TV is not working on Android mobile devices

Peacock TV use an extra clever trick to determine your location when trying to watch some shows or movies on their service or some of the live TV content.

They check the time zone on the device you're watching to make sure it corresponds to a US time zone. This can be easily bypassed by manually changing your device's time zone.

You can see how to change the time zone on various devices right here

Unfortunately, on Android Mobile, peacock TV also use some other clever tricks to stop streaming, but we have you covered, with two simple solutions, 

Solution 1

Simply remove your Sim card from your device, allow your phone to reboot and now load the Peacock TV app

Solution 2

An even easier method is to just put your phone in Airplane mode, but allow WIFI access still, then just again reload the Peacock Tv app and enjoy 

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