How can I watch HBO Max with the StreamLocator Hub

StreamLocator makes it easy to watch HBO Max from outside of the US, simply follow our steps below to learn how!

Step 1 - Order a StreamLocator Hub:

Our smart Hub will give you easy, reliable access to HBO Max as well as 8 Netflix countries (US, UK, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, South Korea) and 40 other streaming services. Order StreamLocator here.

Step 2 - Connect your devices:

Once your StreamLocator Hub arrives, set it up and connect your streaming devices to the new “StreamLocator” Wi-Fi network that it created for you. Check out our guides for some of the most popular devices.

You won’t need to change any settings for HBO Max as the StreamLocator Hub will automatically route you through the US when trying to access HBO’s website or apps on any connected device.  This includes visiting the HBO Max website when signing up!

Step 3 - Get a US payment method:

You’ll need a US payment method and billing address to pay for HBO Max. There are a few services out there for this but our recommendation is Statescard. Sign up for a new card and load it with enough money to pay for your HBO Max subscription.

Step 4 - Sign up for HBO Max:

Make sure the device you want to use is connected to the StreamLocator Wi-Fi network first, then visit Signup using your normal details but make sure you include the billing address provided by StatesCard. StatesCard have provided a simple guide to signing up for HBO Max from outside the US here.

Step 5 - Install the HBO Max app on your devices:

The simplest method is to use the web version of HBO Max and cast to your TV, however if you want to watch directly on other devices. you’ll likely need to install the HBO Max app.

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