How to watch Fubo TV Canada

Fubo TV Canada has secured the rights to the EPL starting with the 2022/2023 season, so how can you watch it? Just follow our easy steps below to be watching in no time

Step 1 - Order a StreamLocator Hub or get one of our apps

Our smart Hub will give you easy, reliable access to Fubo Tv Canada and US, as well as over 40 other streaming services. Order StreamLocator here. Alternatively, we also have apps now for Fire tv and Android Tv/mobile devices, just search the relevant AppStore on your device to install our app.

Step 2 - Connect your devices

Once your StreamLocator Hub arrives, set it up and connect your streaming devices to the new “StreamLocator” network that it created for you. Check out our guides for some of the most popular devices., if you have opted for one of our apps, just open the app and after your 7-day free trial just register for an account, it is only $4.99USD monthly,

Hub users only- Visit to access your router panel and select Canada under the Fubo Tv drop-down menu to get started, 

App users- Select the Canadian flag beside the FuboTV thumbnail to launch this region

Step 3 - Create an account

This applies to hub users, visit to create an account, ensure the web browser you are using is connected to the StreamLocator network, and simply fill in the details requested, it will require entering a Billing ZIP code from Canada, you can get one using this generator, once done, it will ask you to pick a plan, we recommend the annual plan at C$199.99 which works out at C$16.67 a month. They do also have a monthly option and a quarterly option available.  For payment, you can use your local credit/debit card.

Step 4 - Install the Fubo app on your devices

  • On your browser - Simply visit and start streaming.
  • On Android devices - Open the Google Play Store and search for "Fubo". If Fubo isn’t available in your country you can download our Filesynced store or get an American or Canadian Google play account
  • On Roku devices - Search for Fubo on the Roku channel store. If Fubo isn't available in your country follow our guide to create a US Roku account and download Fubo and other US apps.
  • On Fire TV devices - Search for Fubo on the Fire TV app store by using the Find function at the top of the Home screen. If Fubo isn't available in your country follow our guide on changing your Amazon account country temporarily to download Fubo and other non-local apps.
  • On Smart TVs - Search for Fubo on your Smart TV's app store. If Fubo isn't available in your country you'll need to change your Smart TV's app store country. This can change drastically between manufacturers and models so you'll need to find info for your specific model. You can also check out our guide for a few of the popular Samsung Smart TV models.
  • On PlayStation consoles - Search for Fubo on the PlayStation App & Game Store. If Fubo isn't available in your country follow our guide on creating a US PSN account to download Fubo.
  • On Xbox consoles - Search for Fubo on the Xbox digital store. If Fubo isn't available in your country follow our guide on changing your Xbox app store country to download Fubo.
  • On iOS devices (Apple TVs, iPhones and iPads) Search for Fubo on the Apple App Store. If Fubo isn't available in your country you'll need to create a new US Apple ID, I'll outline the method I personally use below:
    • On a browser visit and click the "Create Apple ID" link below
    • Fill in all of the info but specify your country as the US (Use your own phone number, as you'll need to receive SMS verification codes soon). Note that you may need to have another email address in place to create it since it can't be created with the same email you already use.
    • After the account is created you will need to log in to the new account on another Apple device - ideally an iPhone/iPad/Mac (can also be done with iTunes on a Windows computer). After logging in, it may ask you for a billing address and a payment method - you can usually specify you don't want to add a payment method now and enter just the billing address. You can use to get an address in the US to input.
    • After that's done, it's time to log in to the account on your Apple TV - Visit the Settings -> Accounts/Profiles -> Add
    • After logging in simply switch to this new account while on the Apple TV main menu (can usually be done by long-pressing the Home button on your remote and then selecting the new account)
    • Then, launch the App Store - if you search for Fubo, it should now show up.
    • After downloading Fubo and other US apps, you can simply switch back to your regular Apple account/profile and keep using the app as long as they are installed on your Apple TV.

    Step 5 - Enjoy!

    Launch the Fubo app on any of your devices while connected to the StreamLocator network, log in to your new Fubo account and enjoy interrupted sports streaming from anywhere around the world!

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